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Research has led MacKay L. Smith to writing six
non-fiction books.

First concentrating on Montreal’s urban communities, he wrote, Jews of Montreal and their Judaisms, a Voyage of Discovery. This book has sold 2000 copies in Montreal.

His ambitious pilgrimages brought him to Israel, in 1999, where he visited the places where Jesus traveled to, and then MacKay became a tourist and a commentator on the area. He also went to Petra, in Jordan. The book, A Christian in Israel, is the result.

. .Author MacKay L. Smith

While slashing away at golf he took his experience and other historical happenings and brought out a private printing of a book on golf.

His research then returned to Montreal. His next book, published in 2006, is titled, Montreal’s Sherbrooke Street: The Spine of the City. Over a period of three years, he interviewed 77 personalities who lived or worked on the street, and walked parts of the 32 kilometers of the Street innumerable times taking photographs of, and notes on, the interesting buildings and events.

The book contained 71 black & white photographs of the McCord Museum's Nottman collection, 181 colour photographs of the author's and 31,000 words of text to go with an extensive bibliography and index. This books is now out of print, having sold 3000 copies of the English edition and 1000 copies in French and there has been a reprint. A book on Newfoundland/Labrador also awaits publication.

His most recent book is titled Memories and Profiles of McGill University, situated in the downtown campus, 1789-2009. It shows many ancient and current photographs of McGill buildings as the University rapidly acquired them. It is the result of two years of research and in-depth interview with alumni and personalities that revolve around the university. It has sold 2248 copies in the same size and binding as the Sherbrooke Street book.

His three adult offspring constantly challenge him to look at the adventurous side of the world. He is a long distance walker, The Way of St. James and The Pennine Way for example, and he tries to play golf and squash.