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"We have had enough of quarrels, perhaps sheer weariness may bring us together in concord, to dwell in the house of the Lord as friends." (Erasmus, 1533)

In the Middle East everyone is a victim. The deep-seated hatred and irresponsible attitude for retribution emerges amongst whomever are the victors and vanquished.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are three vines from the same soil – a belief in the one God. We do not need a victory of one religion over another but the recognition of the good in each religion to draw the populace towards its needed unity.

To the industrial West, the Arabs and Jews and their Semitic cultures are poorly understood – or should it be put that if it were not for oil and the holy sites the West would not be very interested in the area.

The rise of new nationalisms combined with a fundamentalist approach to religion are the most powerful force in world politics today. This concept allows almost any transgression to control people and their land.

When you read about Israel and Palestine, about the Jews and the Arabs, you seldom see anything in print about the Christian Palestinians. They are caught in the middle of the conflict and the ongoing peace process. There are 120,000 Christians in Israel, 50,000 in the Occupied Territories, (90,000 Arabic Eastern Orthodox, 50,000 Catholics, 20,000 Monophysite Orthodox, 10,000 Protestants), and untold thousands in the refugee camps. They are resigned to be seen as people against Israel as they have no way of designating themselves as different from the Muslim majority. Many have not helped themselves by reverting from their Christian to their Arabic names.

The result will be an exodus of many well-educated indigenous Christians who feel they have no future in helping to make Israel and Palestine peaceful countries. Israel will become more Jewish and less secular. Palestine will become Muslim, even fundamentalist Muslim.

The Christian prelates and helpers from outside Israel will continue to arrive to run the churches, monasteries, hostels and the like. Petty feuding will continue among Christian sects. Isrealis and Palestinians will allow Christians to arrive in droves for their tourist dollars. Finally, the pilgrims, tourists and adventurers worshipping at the Christian religious sites will be looked upon by the Jews and Muslims as just another group, somewhat like visitors to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Today, we are surrounded by a fast moving civilization with hypnotic adherence to the automobile, computers and the quest for monetary gain – with little thought for the simplicity of life.

Walking through the Old City of Jerusalem you regain this simplicity and a deeper sympathy and appreciation for life.

If Jesus, Mohammed, and Abraham held an emergency summit would they be able to achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East?